Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist

Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist

The WRH rope hoist is manufactured in accordance with the Machines Directive 2006/42/EC and the Atex Directive 2014/34/EU. IECex version, EAC certification , Norsok and UL/NEMA compliance also available.


EX-Proof Wire Rope Zones

  • Description

Main Features

  • Limit Switch for all movements
  • Operating Temperature -20 °C/ +55 °C
  • Std.Supply voltage 400V/50Hz
  • TEFC IC 411motors
  • Motor Duty S4
  • Routine testing on motors
  • Hook DIN 15401
  • Hook Bronze Coated
  • Solid Bronze Wheels
  • Safety rope Coeff.5
  • Painting C5-I or C5 -M
  • Panels Marine Aluminium Copper Free
  • Cable Glands Nickel Brass
  • Steel Guide Rope
  • Pin Load Cell
  • PTC for Motors