Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist

Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist

Our EX-proof hoists fulfill the highest safety standards. They comply with the Atex Directive 2014/34/EU, the FEM regulations, the IEC 60079 standard and the European safety standards (EN)



EX-Proof Chain Zones

  • Description

Base Features

  • 2 speeds hoisting motors (4:1)
  • Thermal protection for hoisting and travelling motors
  • 2 steps limit switch
  • Slip Clutch Friction
  • Operating Temperature -20 °C/+40 °C
  • Hoisting Brake Manual Release incase of Power Failure
  • Fail safe brakes
  • Painting C5-l
  • Working Mechanism Class M5
  • Protection IP55 for Gas & IP66 for Dust
  • 3.1 Certificate for Loading Chain and Hook
  • Drawing in 3D files.
  • Zinc Plated Load Chain
  • Panels Marine Aluminium Type Copper Free
  • Cables Glands Nickel Brass