Refurbishment versus New

An economical alternative to the capital investment of a new crane could be a refurbishment of your cranes. Cranes, like motor vehicles, require more regular servicing and maintenance the more they are driven. However, by careful consideration of the current condition of the existing equipment, it may be possible to refurbish an older crane and update the technology to present day standards.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the age of the crane, the current availability of spare parts and the remaining fatigue life of the existing structures. Morris employ experienced mechanical, structural and electrical engineers that can develop a refurbishment package capable of solving the inability to obtain spares at a reasonable cost or to overcome operational breakdowns, thus extending the life of existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of the replacement value.

All refurbishments are guaranteed to provide a safe solution, with all parts supplied covered by a 12 month warranty backed by our country-wide Crane Aid Service Team.