Explosion Proof Jib Cranes

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Manual Jib Cranes

Two kinds of jib cranes are manufactured:

  • Wall jib cranes
  • Pillar jib cranes

Pillar jib cranes must be anchored to the ground with a foundation plinth. Otherwise, expansion screws or suitably dimensioned loose pieces can be used for low capacity. However, we recommended the customer to follow our project departments advice.

  • The cranes are supplied with wire rope hoists/chain hoists.
  • Rotation field:  200° for wall jib cranes, 300° for pillar jib cranes
  • Manual jib movement’s

Jib cranes are designed and manufactured according to client requirements and specifications.

  • Max capacity: 2000kg
  • Jib length upon request

Electric Rotation Jib Cranes


The pillar is made of a special circular and /or octagonal steel self – bearing section pipe, which guarantees a perfect strength. The pillar is equipped with a base plate at the bottom for the anchoring of the foundation and at the top with a pieced flange adjusted for the fixing of the bearing.


Rotating Jib

According to its capacity and length, the jib is made either of a steel girder with unified section or of a box girder with internal stiffering diagrams. Like the pillar, the jib is supplied with a pierced flange adjusted for the bearing and fixed by means of strong bolts.


Rotation System

The rotation system is made of a suitably dimensioned thrust bearing which can resist both the vertical thrust and the tilting movement and of a gear unit fixed to the jib, with integral brakes motor, progressive starting and braking, whose pinion, mounted on the slow shaft, throws into gear with the bearing internal teeth. The mounting system, the precision of the bearing and the gear unit sensitivity guarantee the perfect, smooth jib rotation. The cranes can be supplied with wire rope/chain hoists.


Field of Application

Industrial, naval and petrochemical also explosion proof type. Capacity up to 30 000kg to the demands of our customers providing efficient and competitive technical solutions.

Electric Rotation Jib Crane


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Explosion Proof Jib Cranes

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