Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes


EX Proof cranes are certified ISO 9001, ISO1 4001 and OHSAS 18001 and notified through Bureau Veritas for the production of explosion proof cranes with deposit of technical file of risk analysis as prescribed by the Annex Vlll of Atex Directive.


  • EX Proof cranes are equipped with anti-explosive, non-sparking, increased safety, closed, externally ventilated, electric motors with brake. All appliances comply with the requested standards regarding installation in dangerous areas ie: areas where explosive atmospheres may develop in determined conditions.
  • Components comply with safety requirements for explosion proof areas Group ll and category 2a 3 (Zone1 and Zone 2 for gas plus Zone 21 and 22 for dust)
  • EX Proof overhead cranes can be used in the pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, petrochemical, engineering, mining and offshore maritime sectors.

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Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes

Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes